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PDG Series Fertilizer Batching Scales
Description: 1. The spring of its batching sensor is totally sealed and coated, thus improving its anti-corrosion capacity.
2. This fertilizer batching scales have stable performance and strong anti-jamming capacity.
3. Its materials measuring error is no more than 1%, which is quite small.
4. Material clearing device has been designed to keep the belt clean, in which way the measuring accuracy is increased.
5. Power-off protection system is employed to protect data from being affected by power failure. 6. This fertilizer batching scales are easy to adjust, operate, and maintain.
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Model Output Allowed ambient temperature Motor power Precision (changeable) Equipment weight
PDG-B500 0.5~40 -10~50 1.1 ≤1 475
PDG-B650 5.0~60 -10~50 1.5 ≤1 550
PDG-B800 10~80 -10~50 1.5 ≤1 700
PDG-B1000 20~100 -10~50 2.2 ≤1 980

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